Established in 2005, DCS Designs Ltd was incorporated with a mission to develop and deliver innovative health care products that promote Dignity, Comfort and Safety (DCS) for patients and hospital staff.

What is the DCS Patient Gown?

The DCS patient gown is an innovation in patient dignity, comfort and safety. With the DCS patient gown, patients are no longer required to undergo the unnecessary movement, and exhibitionism of traditional gowns currently in use within the medical field. The DCS patient gown will save time for hospital staff, hence increase hospital efficiency through a value added product.

The goal of DCS Designs is to replace conventional patient gowns with the DCS patient gown, not just in NHS hospitals, but also in private hospitals and all health organisations that use patient gowns. This will be achieved through a gradual and an incremental process that will re-assure quality and satisfaction.

DCS patient gown aims to answer the market call for a new gown design that promotes patient dignity. Added to that we have the ‘Permagard’ option in the Power Plus Gown, that ensures protection against possible hospital infections, such as MRSA, C-Diff etc.

Unique Selling Points (USPs)

The Unique Selling Point (USP) of the DCS Power Gown lies in the way it is removed and fitted back to a patient. This is carried out by the use of press studs along the seams of gown that allow the item to be removed from the patient without excess discomfort or undignified removal of cloths.

DCS Power Plus Gown is made from "Permagard" treated fabric, which has an anti-microbial finish that combats the growth of microbes including MRSA and

Unlike most antimicrobial products "Permagard" does not rely on the slow release of a poison to kill the bacteria but utilises a mechanism that penetrates the cell wall and on contact destroys them.

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Benefits of DCS Patient Gown
Benefits for the patient
Benefits for the staff

More comfortable

Reduced psychological and physical pain

Dignity of patient is maintained

Reduced risk of syringe injury

Ideal for critically ill patients as well as those with mobility problems

Less stressful to change patient gowns

Time Saving

All hospital staff (including HCA) can change the DCS patient gown with      minimal training compared to current patient gowns

Who is it for?

The DCS Patient Gown is designed for hospital use, and is suitable for all patients. It is particularly suitable for patients in High Dependency Units (HDU) or intensive Care Units (ICU), where most patients are in critical conditions and may have drip lines, monitoring wires attached to them or even unconscious patients.